Asphalt & Ink is a group of Africa-­based professionals with deep operational experience across a diverse set of industries. Our team works with local and global senior clients on bespoke engagements across a range of areas.

Ory Okolloh

Until recently, Ory was the Managing Director, Omidyar Network and Luminate Group in Africa, both part of The Omidyar Group a diverse collection of companies, organizations and initiatives united by a common desire to catalyze social impact. She is a well recognized leader in several fields including technology, early stage investing, government relations, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Isis Nyong'o

Isis Nyong'o Madison has made her mark scaling media and digital businesses across Africa. As an experienced operator, she is well-networked in the technology and entrepreneurship ecosystems on the continent. She led the Africa team for global mobile advertising network InMobi, specialized in mobile and local content partnerships in Africa at Google and led MTV Network's commercial entry into Africa.
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Asphalt & Ink provides strategic advisory services to corporations, investors and non-­profit organizations operating in Africa. Get in touch at our contact channels below.
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Copyright by Asphalt&Ink. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Asphalt&Ink. All rights reserved.